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Online Fitness Classes.

Live-stream workouts from the comfort of your living room. Move more at home.

We are now able to bring workouts to everyone, everywhere. Maximum results, no matter your location and no more excuses. You are just a click away from a healthier lifestyle and body you always dreamed about.

Our online fitness classes enable everyone to benefit from professional, experienced instruction and expertise at an affordable price. Additionally, for ongoing support and better results, every member gets access to our fitness hub.

Here is why getting The Box London online fitness classes membership can work for you and be the difference-maker.

Our goals

We aim to provide affordable online fitness membership to help everyone stay active from the comfort of their homes. The idea is that people of all abilities, genders, ages and fitness levels can become a member and get that feeling of achievement and self-worth. We would like to encourage every person to stay active, not only during the lockdown but all the time. Some people may not always have time to commute to the local gym (when it is finally re-open), that's why we decided to introduce this opportunity.


You can choose from different live-streamed online fitness classes designed to give you the variety and convenience needed to fit your busy schedule:

  • strength & conditioning - simply use your own weight to provide resistance against gravity. Utilise abilities such as pushing, pulling, squatting, bending, twisting and balancing;

  • boxing classes for adults - learn shadow boxing, breaking down of punches and combinations;

  • strength, conditioning & boxing classes for teenagers - revolutionary way to learn the art of boxing from home;

  • family fitness - regardless of age or ability enjoy working out together as a family.

No matter what your fitness goals are, we’ve got you covered.


We offer fantastic online fitness classes along with access to a fitness hub where every workout is videoed and described in a workout library. Being a part of a supportive community is essential while maintaining motivation and fit life. That’s why every member can join discussions, get help and ask questions in a dedicated forum. All to achieve a healthy and better life.


To get access and join us online is very easy. All you need is an internet-enabled device with a video camera and built-in microphone Once you choose your desired classes, download ZOOM (free online video-conferencing application) onto your device, click on the class link which we will e-mail you.


If you haven't got anyone who can look after your children or just simply you are too busy to commute to a gym or fitness club, you do not have to stress about it anymore. You can work out from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to our online fitness classes you can skip the shower and simply join us online.


Your friendly, experienced and knowledgeable instructor 'Ali' always delivers interactive and high-quality classes. Please check our Instagram profile or Google reviews to see our testimonials. You won't be disappointed.


Our online fitness classes are available at very competitive prices, at just £8 per 30-minute everyone gets a valuable online workout and full access to the fitness hub, mentioned above.

Thanks to technology we are no longer limited to gyms and fitness studios. Choose online fitness classes suitable for your individual requirements and act now. Get closer to your dream body, start effective online coaching today, book online.

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