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Benefits of Boxing Classes for Youth.

Boxing has been a very dynamic, interesting and fun sport to watch for years. Throughout the history of boxing, we’ve seen some legends such as Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Robinson, Floyd Mayweather, and Manny Pacquiao. Each of those boxers had their own particular skillset that let them defend their weight class.

Recently more and more individuals of all ages have begun to experience the benefits associated with non-contact boxing classes.

Nowadays we become less and less physically active as we live in a very tech world. Today’s children and teenagers, seem to prefer to spend time in front of their computers and smartphones rather than being outdoors like we used to do. It is not a secret that teenagers need to be engaged in some kind of sports activities to help them stay fit and healthy. Sport is essential for the development of the young generation. There are so many different sports to choose from and one of them is boxing. Today’s boxing classes for youth offer many benefits and might be an ideal way for them to get fit while gaining additional life skills at the same time.

boxing classes for youth
boxing classes for youth


Let’s reveal why boxing for teens is so beneficial. Here are six main benefits of boxing classes for youth.

  1. Fitness First and foremost boxing combats obesity. Modern life almost eliminates the need for physical activity. Everything is seemingly at the touch of the finger and this is how obesity starts. Non-contact boxing classes have a good effect on every teenager’s heart rate, metabolism, overall physical condition, build muscle tone and definition.

  2. Self Defense One of the greatest benefits of boxing classes for youth is that you can be sure your child is equipped to be that little bit safer with self-defence techniques.

  3. Discipline Boxing requires huge amounts of concentration and commitment. Each move, punch defence technique required to learn are demanding as well as rewarding. There is a deep and extreme commitment, which brings an automatic discipline to everything a teenager does.

  4. Confidence Another prominent benefit of boxing classes for youth is that they contribute a lot to the development of teenagers by increasing a sense of pride and purpose. Young people also become more confident because they see positive changes in their bodies.

  5. Social Life Boxing classes for youth are an easy way to make friends that have the same passions and form long-lasting friendships.

  6. Focus For some of us, boxing is simply punching things, not a great deal, but it is not! During boxing classes, teens learn to ensure maximum output power while also reducing injury. All the boxing techniques require the engagement in mental focus throughout each boxing training. Mental focus training gets expanded into other aspects of a teen’s life (school, college and so much more).

Conclusion Benefits of boxing classes for youth range from the personal to the social. Teenagers who train are healthier, mentally more confident and acute. Boxing classes for youth at The Box London are safe, supervised by professional & experienced trainers and take place outside the ring. If you want to discover the benefits of youth boxing classes designed for all levels which promote mental focus, weight loss, increase in fitness, the building of confidence and skills in self-defence get in touch with us today. We offer one free trial class, just simply quote TBL15 when booking

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