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Boxing for Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety through Boxing Classes.

The hustle and bustle of daily life can often cause people to dwell on the worst­case scenarios in their lives and lead to anxiety. This most common psychiatric condition affects many people and can be challenging to overcome. It can manifest itself in various ways, including irritability, moodiness, obsessive thinking, depression, and panic attacks. There is no quick fix for Anxiety, especially as it often comes out of nowhere, and the severity varies from person to person. As mental health is at the forefront of public discussion, it is essential to explore all avenues of treatment.

Boxing for Anxiety

There are many different ways in which people with anxiety can treat themselves. One of these methods is through boxing classes. You might wonder how boxing classes can help overcome conditions as severe as Anxiety? The explanations have two natures: one chemical and the other behavioral.

The reasons boxing classes are good for anxiety.

A general belief is that physical activity positively affects mood and anxiety. When people look for a viable alternative to reduce their anxiety levels without medication or therapy, they often find boxing classes one of the most affordable, accessible and cost-efficient treatment alternatives for various anxiety disorders. [1]

Let's dive into the neurochemical and behavioral grounds that will help you understand how boxing can help anxiety disorders.

Concentrate energy towards achieving a goal.

Most people are familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed. But for people with Anxiety, feeling this way is unavoidable. During boxing classes, their anxious energy can be used towards achieving a specific goal, release tension and take the mind off the little things that act as factors causing stress. Boxing requires focusing on combinations, punches, and footwork, which are great for clearing the brain of unwanted thoughts.

Boost your mood.

Many studies have confirmed that exercising can improve a person's mood. The outcomes demonstrate that regular exercise has a unique capability of relaxing, providing stimulation, and countering depression and Anxiety. The reason for it is that exercise generates a sense of well being and brings remarkable changes to our spirits. The body hormones responsible for stress (such as adrenaline and cortisol) get reduced when we exercise. On the other hand, the production of the body's natural painkillers responsible for feelings of relaxation and optimism called endorphins gets stimulated.

When you attend a boxing class, the rush of endorphins relax your mind and creates a feeling of happiness and well being, which can last for hours or even days.

Build self-confidence.

Self-esteem is one of the most important determinants of psychological health. It affects nearly every other aspect of our lives, from how we think about ourselves to what we hope to accomplish in the future. Improved self-esteem is a crucial psychological benefit of regular exercise. We can quickly start witnessing how investing time and money into attending boxing classes with dedicated coaching and high motivation levels builds self-confidence. Suppose Anxiety is the major obstacle in your life. In that case, boxing can help to make you feel more mentally powerful and give you the fighting spirit that will enable you to deal with any of life's challenging situations.

Watching your waistline getting leaner and increased strength, the sense of achievement will appear, which consequently works as a factor contributing to building self-­esteem.

Be part of a group.

When you suffer from Anxiety, meeting new people might be something you are not good at. It can make you feel nervous and withdraw to the back of a group. There is no way for that to happen when you attend boxing classes at an authentic boxing studio in a friendly atmosphere with a skilled coach who aims to take the stress out of your daily life, strongly contributing to anxiety relief.

All the positive interactions with others attending the boxing classes help overcome the barrier and create the feeling of belonging to a group. The renewed energy provides opportunities to start making friends and building networks.


Boxing has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of Anxiety by engaging the body in physical activity and releasing endorphins, relieving tension and boosting self­-esteem.

If you live in the West London Area and find yourself feeling increasingly powerless and anxious in your day­ to­day life, you can join us here at The Box London. Our classes give a sense of power while building physical strength and self-­confidence. Switch off from the outside world and start boxing classes to fight Anxiety in a non­medical way. Book your first class with us today.

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