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Exercise with a Personal Trainer and Succeed in your Career.

It is common, that once we get on the career ladder, the time at the gym gets quickly forgotten. We start gaining weight, spend more and more time in front of the computers, take part in events more likely reducing physical strength rather than improving it. You might think, yes, but that is normal as career focus becomes a priority over the physical health. That is the most common answer but is this the key to professional success? 

Are you one those who have entered the professional world and since then always places a workout at the bottom of their to-do lists? If the answer is Yes, then you are in the right place. Check out how exercising with a personal trainer can boost your mind, help to be more productive, enjoy a rewarding career or be a successful freelancer.

“What’s the fastest way for someone to improve their inner game? Improve your outer game.” — Richard Branson

How exercising with a personal trainer can help you succeed in your career or business?

Training with a personal trainer improves mental health and helps to increase productivity.

When Richard Branson was asked  "how do you become more productive’" he replied, "I work out". Branson added that working out gives him an additional 4 hours of productivity a day. How deceptively simple is that. The list of successful and incredibly busy leaders is endless. Productivity is strongly correlated with the habit of regular exercise.

During a workout, the brain releases serotonin (neurotransmitter, often called "happy chemical" contributing to well-being and happiness [1]), making the stressful situations at work easier to handle. Ability to better deal with stress leads to good relationships with the team at every workplace. Besides, you can cope better with the demands of family thrown at you. 

Exercising with a personal trainer strengthens your will power.

When you work out towards a goal your will power comes into action. A personal trainer makes sure you train consistently and therefore your ability to achieve your aim gets stronger intrinsically motivating you. This aspect matters a lot in any job, at every level at of a career for anyone who wants to achieve success. The will to move forward, get results, be a better version of yourself, always effectively shifts the way of work.

When you exercise with a personal trainer you get challenged and encouraged to run that extra mile at the end of every exercise, especially when your muscles scream "stop". This attitude carries over into your personality in every part of your life, including work.

Exercise with a personal trainer teaches discipline and helps to add structure to your life. 

Every sport requires a certain amount of discipline. When working out without anyone accountable, it is easy to fall off the routine, especially when exercise is not an established habit. A personal trainer is always there to support your workout plans, help to prioritize tasks, healthy lifestyle and alter your environment. By implementing intelligent strategies teaches how to modify your choices to keep you aligned with your goals. When you have self-discipline, everything is easier, and you can do things regardless of how you feel. It is the key to identify how you work. 

Are you are planning to run a happy and profitable business or enjoying a satisfying career in London is your dream, make time to exercise with a personal trainer. If you live in London and would like to find out how exercising with a personal trainer can help you meet your career goals,  get in touch with The Box London, the most efficient and motivational Personal Training in London.

Maximising your busy time so you can see the outcome is our priority. We understand that better leadership equals better results and not everyone training with a personal trainer wants to become a bodybuilder.


[1] Medical News Today

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