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What does shadow boxing do for your body?

The art of shadowboxing.

What is shadow boxing?

shadow boxing benefits
Shadow boxing

Shadowboxing is an act of fighting an imaginary enemy by hitting the air with your hands as if another person were boxing with you.* This popular training method is typically used to hone fighting techniques, warm-up and condition the muscles, or as a preparation before a fight. The beauty of shadowboxing is that you can take instant feedback from your coach, camera, or just simply a mirror. Shadowboxing does not require any equipment. There is no punishment if you make a mistake. Shadowboxing seems to be overlooked and treated as a simple warm-up by some people, but in reality, it plays a vital role in every boxer's training, and there is plenty of important reasons why.

What are the benefits of shadow boxing workout?

  1. Enhances movements and balance Everyone involved in boxing knows the importance of movements and balance when in the ring. Moving around the opponent needs a good strategy. It is nothing worst than get thrown off the balance in the ring. Shadowboxing is a great way to perfect footwork and head movement. It lets to gain a better understanding of how to move side to side, forward and backward. A big part of boxing training focuses on offense, but defense is as important. While shifting your head from one side to another to evade a punch from your non-existing opponent your body starts to memorize those movements and they become your second nature. Shadowboxing makes you more comfortable with your moves, and in no time you start moving like a pro.

  2. Improves technique Do you struggle with bad habits in the ring? Are you looking for some skills improvement, like your uppercuts, straight punch, or jab? Shadowboxing is a perfect workout that helps to focus on technique and builds up good fighting habits. It allows to work on the key strategic movements during a fight. As long as you drill good practices as much as you can, your muscles simply remember them helping you to improve your boxing technique and increasing the ring intelligence.

  3. You can shadowbox everywhere Best of all, you can shadowbox anywhere. All you need for a shadowboxing session is a little space where you can easily move around, and ideally a mirror. It is easier to notice nuances to your movements and correct body position while keeping a close eye on yourself. Shadowboxing is ideal to notice our own vulnerabilities before the opponents do.

  4. Fights against obesity Obese people are at risk of numerous cardio-metabolic conditions. Shadowboxing is a useful intervention in those cases. Air punching engages your entire body and all your muscles work in coordination to make your moves power-packed. It is one of the best ways to burn calories and build full-body strength. Shadowboxing is a mixture of cardio and strength training, meaning that all muscles do these two training types at the same time, effectively burning calories and making even the most stubborn belly fat disappear. Visible results are visible just after a few sessions.

  5. Helps to gain lean muscle Shadowboxing is the latest trend for your dream body. Thanks to the fact that shadow boxing engages many muscles in one go, this is the one exercise you can do on a daily basis to tone every part of your body. Toned muscles are naturally denser, have less fat within them, and look just amazing.

Whether you want to effectively burn some calories and have a leaner body, want to build or work on your endurance, shadowboxing is the answer. Book your shadowboxing session with a professional boxing coach today and start discovering the art of shadowboxing. *Cambridge Dictionary

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