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The importance of Physical Activity for Teenagers

Physical and Mental Benefits of Physical Activity for Teenagers Physical activity is essential for everyone. And this is especially true when it comes to teenagers, who are often too busy with school, homework, extracurricular activities, and navigating the social scene in high school to be physically active. It is recommended that young people should engage in 60 min of moderate­to­vigorous activity (MVPA) a day for health benefits, but in fact, only some teenagers meet this recommendation. [1] It is estimated that 80% of teenagers worldwide are not sufficiently active. [2]

Physically active teens are more likely to be physically active adults. It's a simple fact: when people grow accustomed to physical activity in their youth, they never view it as optional in their adulthood. Just like we used to brush our teeth and shower, we can now add physical activity into that routine. There are hundreds of advantages of physical activity for teenagers. The idea of this blog article is to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity for teenagers to help make it easier for both teenagers and parents to lead a physically active lifestyle together. Below is a list of the top five reasons why physical activity for teenagers is vital. The importance of Physical Activity for Teenagers ­ Key Points: 1. Reduced stress levels and anxiety, increased positivity. 2. Higher energy levels 3. New friends 4. Boosted self-esteem 5. Healthier body 1. Reduced stress levels and anxiety, increased positivity. Physical activity is, without any doubt, one of the most important contributors to mental health. The beta-endorphins released while exercising are beneficial for improving the overall workout experience and increasing positivity levels. Serotonin levels (an essential hormone responsible for stabilizing our mood and feelings) released by our bodies in the central nervous system during physical exercise play a key role in regulating our mood every day. According to scientists, serotonin helps nerve cells survive longer and better under stress by increasing the energy output from mitochondria (the powerhouse of our cells). [3] When teens feel stressed or upset or just need to vent some frustration, physical activity is the perfect outlet that always makes them happy. 2. Higher energy levels One of the best things about adolescence is the fact that you're growing like crazy! However, this means there are loads of physical changes your body will experience, which may sometimes make you feel tired. With all the homework assignments, school activities, socializing with friends, and extracurricular work (such as community service), who has time to move their body? Even so, do not ever underestimate the power of exercise ­ it is essential to keep your mind healthy, but it can also be your best weapon in the battle against fatigue. Exercising can provide you with a significant energy boost! Next time you're feeling tired, turn to physical activity. It's an easy, quick pick­me­up that will give you a great energy boost. 3. New friends Part of the reason young people are interested in social networking is that they want to belong to groups of which they can find acceptance. They want to feel like they belong somewhere more than anything else. Working out is a great way to make friends in real life rather than virtual. Finding the perfect physical activity helps teens to stay accountable, push their limits, and socialize. 4. Boosted self-esteem Teenagers are always thinking about fitting in or standing out. They are concerned whether they are being noticed or not. Being fit has a relationship with standing out. It means you have a good impression among your friends and teachers, and it usually implies that you possess a positive attitude towards life. 5. Healthier and stronger body In our teenage years, our bodies are still growing. Therefore, physical activities are essential because they will help improve our overall health for the rest of our lives. In particular, playing sports is a fun and engaging way to become more physically fit. Active sports, like boxing, help to build muscle tone and tone our bodies in general. When exercising, we often bend and stretch our bodies to the point where they're sore the next day. This soreness is called muscle fatigue or tissue breakdown. As you repeat this routine over time, your body repairs itself by building new tissues, smarter tissues that are better at avoiding injury in the future. After a few weeks of exercising, your body not only tolerates the same workout routine better, but it's also more robust and more efficient at doing so.


Could it be that the key to success in your schoolwork and social life lies in your physical health? As you can see, studies have linked physical activity to decreased stress levels and increased positivity in our lives. Being physically fit boosts feelings of accomplishment and self-esteem. The life of a teenager is pivotal. At this time, your habits are established. If you deal with stress by eating junk food or not exercising, these habits can become part of your lifestyle. Try physical activity for teenagers today. Sign up for designed for teens boxing classes in West London and start noticing how exercising in a friendly environment will benefit you in many different ways.


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