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What to Expect When Joining a Boxing Gym

Joining a Boxing Gym

Boost your confidence before joining a Boxing Gym in London

People decide to try out boxing for many different reasons. Some think it is fun to get into shape and pick up a new hobby. Others love watching professional boxing fights and feel that leather hitting leather is something they have been born to do in their lives.

No matter the reason for Joining a Boxing Gym, very often, boxing enthusiasts put themselves off making the first step because the idea of walking into a boxing gym for the first time feels a bit nerve-wracking.

To boost your confidence, if you feel nervous when you think about taking a boxing class in London for the first time, below, we have shed some light on what to expect when Joining a Boxing Gym.

Three Kinds of Boxing Gyms

1. Professional boxing gyms

Professional boxing gyms come in all sizes, and all should be on the lookout for new fighters. The primary objective of these facilities is to prepare boxers for fights with a strong focus on endurance and fitness training. They cater best for anyone aiming to get as skilled boxing champ as possible. This kind of boxing gym involves a lot of sparring sessions and one-to-one sessions with a boxing coach.

2. Boxing gyms for fitness

Boxing fitness gyms focus on group training sessions. They are an excellent option if your main goal is to help burn off calories and elevate your fitness levels. The focus will be on meeting fitness goals rather than developing boxing skills and endurance. Training sessions might contain activities such as jump roping, bag work and shadow boxing instead of sparring sessions.

3. Hybrid boxing gyms

Hybrid boxing gyms are locations where the trainer teaches onsite fitness classes and prepares fighters to compete. This is one of the kinds of boxing gyms to which you'll most likely obtain a membership to join.

What to Expect When Joining a Boxing Gym

So, you took the basic steps to get started in boxing, carefully chosen the boxing gym of your dreams, and now you are getting nervous about your first class. That is normal, but there is no need for it and nothing to be anxious about. All you need is the knowledge of what to expect when you start boxing training, so you can confidently walk into a boxing gym. No matter which kind of boxing gym you opt for, there are some elements that you can expect you take your first boxing class:

  1. Great atmosphere

  2. Great workout

  3. Sweat

  4. Fun

1. What to Expect When Joining a Boxing Gym: Great Atmosphere

Many boxing gyms, like The Box London, offer an unforgettable atmosphere to facilitate athletes of all skill levels to improve their abilities. Everybody of any age, gender, fitness level, and capacity is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Upcoming boxers in the local community who dream of moving to the professional ranks always find support and guidance; fitness enthusiasts aiming to be leaner and stronger will discover the motivation etc. You can rest assured that the one-of-a-kind atmosphere at boxing gyms will pump up your endorphins and elevate your energy levels.

2. What to Expect When Joining a Boxing Gym: Great Workout

In boxing classes, the warm-up typically consists of exercises that focus on cardiovascular endurance, such as running, jumping rope and lunges. The workout generally alternates between boxing and heart-pumping conditioning exercises. For the part that trains in boxing, you'll practice a handy mixture of punches (e.g., jab, left hook), according to the coach s directions. Conditioning exercises include such movements as planks, squats, lunges, and push-ups.

3. What to Expect When Joining a Boxing Gym: Sweat

Whether you will be jumping rope, training in a punching bag, drilling footwork, working on mitts, punching a heavy bag, or shadow boxing, your heart rate will increase using energy. Sweat will be a natural outcome of your every boxing training. That will be the time of the day when the carbohydrate stores will be depleted, and fat stores will start to melt away. Make sure you take a towel. You will need it for sure!

4. What to Expect When Joining a Boxing Gym: Fun

Boxing deals effectively with your needs both athletically and psychologically. Boxing classes will relieve your busy workday by helping you create your personal 'time out'. Whether you are a beginner or a bred for combat, joining with friends or on your own, boxing classes will always guarantee a good time.


What to Expect When Joining a Boxing Gym - The Key Takeaways

To join a boxing gym, you do not have to be bread for combat. Boxing is not just a discipline. It is a community. Not every boxing gym is filled with pro-athletes aiming to become the club's golden child.

The supportive and welcoming atmosphere at most boxing gyms will integrate you into the classes in no time.

We hope this article boosted your confidence and helped answer your question about what to expect when Joining a Boxing Gym. At the end of the day, everyone had their first boxing class at some point.

Boxing Gym in West London

If you want to get instantly hooked, have fun and have tons of great boxing workouts, secure your free trial boxing class in West London at The Box London today. Just type TBL15 when booking.

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